Ludovic Paquelier

Born in 1971

Lives and works in Valence

"The artistic approach I've developed over time consists of telling stories through images drawn from available resources (magazines, advertisements, films, etc.). These selected items can be the driving force behind drawings or paintings (in black acrylic on canvas, or on walls), and sometimes volumetric pieces. I create universes that have a science-fiction aspect, threatened by various dangers, and with ghost towns. The forms, scenes and landscapes that are represented generally combine to give a fragmented appearance and a proliferative dimension. The figures are seen in an enigmatic, cinematographic atmosphere. My paintings are adapted to the places where they are to be exhibited; which is also, and mainly, where they are produced."

Ludovic Paquelier, 2013
Translated by John Doherty, 2014

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.