Ludovic Paquelier

Directed by Georges Rey
Video portrait, 18'10
October 2022

Portrait of Ludovic Paquelier directed by Georges Rey
Film shot as part of the Ludovic Paquelier exhibition at Bourse du Travail (Valence), 2022.

On a proposal by Documents d'artistes Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, in partnership with the City of Valence, the Bourse du Travail presented a solo exhibition by Ludovic Paquelier from April 15 to May 15, 2022. Immersed in the premises for a month , the artist produced an unprecedented mural, designed especially for the exhibition space and inspired by the film Soylent Green (Green Sun) made in 1973 by Richard Fleischer. During this period of in-situ creation, filmmaker Georges Rey was invited to produce a filmed portrait of the artist.

Director: Georges Rey
Production: Documents d'artistes Auvergne-Rhône -Alpes, with the support of the Ministry of Culture with the support of the Ministry of Culture as part of the fund for recording and alternative broadcasting. In partnership with the Artists' Documents Network and the City of Valence.

Video and drone capture: Studio Trente:Sept, Lyon
Photographs: Georges Rey and Ludovic Paquelier
Editing: Georges Rey, assisted by Léa Delhomme, Maxime Naudet, Ece de Aquino and Jade Ronat-Mallié
Credits, subtitles: Jade Ronat-Mallié
English translation: Elaine Krikorian