La Réunion

Brandon Gercara

Born in 1996

Lives and works in Reunion Island

« Brandon Gercara is a non-binary person, zoreole (a zorey mom and a creole dad). They live and work in La Réunion where they have been active (…) in a militant artistic reflection focused on feminist, decolonial and LGBTQIA+ struggles. This is mainly translated into performative actions, such as, for example, the project PD - Pour Demain in which the artist incarnates a political figure in campaign. (…) Gradually, the project has evolved and now bears a generic name: Requeer. It is a platform for collective thoughts, a militant and artistic association at the heart of the Reunionese society. (…) Resources, models of identification and accessibility to this information are placed at the heart of Requeer. (…) Brandon Gercara, in alliance with their accomplices, injects their artistic reflection in the heart of society to deconstruct the sclerosing binarity, dominant models, oppressions and assignments. It is then a question of carrying a collective strategy of the joy to transform this violence into a both emancipating and vital force. »

Extracts from « Brandon Gercara » by Julie Crenn, Salon de Montrouge 2022