Véronique Lamare

directed by Camille Auburtin
Véronique Lamare
January 2023

The body of Véronique Lamare is at the center of the film directed by Camille Auburtin. It is the "thinking matter" on which rests a discrete work, which refuses to be spectacular or to perform. It is also a film about the artist's voice, a real thread that weaves together her "self-portraits in hair", her sculpture-imprints, her carpet-gardens, in a sum of experiences driven by intuition and the desire to "leave things open".


Director: Camille Auburtin
Sound recording: Laure Carrier
Sound design and mixing: Sébastien Bassin
January 2023
Production: Documents d'artistes Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Coproduction: Les Films de l'Écharpe
With the support of the Ministry of Culture
and the participation of the Réseau documents d'artistes
Acknowledgements: Emmanuel Ballangé, La Manufacture CDCN Bordeaux, La Rochelle, Les Coulisses de l'Image, La Troisième Porte à Gauche