Works in the public space
Jan Kopp

Les yeux de la Sueille

Public commissions, 2020
Hameau de La Coste, Saint-Mélany

"New work of the Sentier des lauzes, The eyes of the Sueille are a little more than 200 small round mirrors placed by encrustation in rocks, large stones, trunks of dead trees, dry stone walls, near the river Placed in constellations or in isolation, they are so many eyes watching us, human beings. The walker who follows the Path of the Lauzes will never discover all of it. The small dots can be very close to him. , integrated into the elements that make up and frame the path, but they can also appear in the distance, occasionally sending back flashes of light when the sun's rays are reflected on them.At the point where the path crosses the Sueille river, these small dots appear in greater numbers, creating here and there concentrated and scintillating sets and reproducing a fragmented mosaic of the landscape in front of them.They "point" in a discreet way to natural or constructed forms man who make up this place from which emanates a singular aura, whose magic is reinforced by the intervention of the artist. They bring heaven and earth together and, by capturing our reflection, reveal to us an integral part of nature.

A collaborative artistic project
The eyes of the Sueille are the result of a long immersion of more than two years by Jan Kopp in the landscapes of the Drobie Valley. At the start of this long-term residency, Jan Kopp created an installation at the Musée des Vans from the objects kept in reserve, and rich in the stories they convey (exhibition "Géologies" in 2019). The work is integrated into the permanent collection of the museum in 2020.
It was then, after many exchanges with the active members of the association, that he designed Les Yeux de la Sueille. Installation on site was done in the same way: in close and enthusiastic collaboration. This is how the creative process has evolved constantly, generating desires over time. An integral part of the work, dry stone elements were made and assembled on site during a one-week bivouac with the association ELIPS, Écoles Locale Itinérante de la Pierre Sèche. Designed for the use of walkers, they echo the magnificent examples of built heritage located near the ford: levade, mill and bealière." Association du Sentier des Lauzes