Works in the public space
Delphine Gigoux-Martin

La constellation Cazalis

Programming Jean-Francois Dumont
26th work of La Forêt d'Art Contemporain

Private commissions, 2022
La Forêt d'art contemporain, Cazalis

A poetic invitation to take refuge in the hollow of a shell to read the landscape, observe the sky and understand the history of this exceptional site. A natural setting like no other.

"At the top of one of these horseshoe dunes (Doucs en Gascons), shaped by the westerly winds since the end of the last ice age, you feel the sand wave formations with all the legends that fringe them . In the 19th century, with major sanitation works, the forest came to cover and freeze this very ancient world. The artist imagined the sea before the sand and brought up from the depths a giant example of the small crack in our rocks with its pierced apex. She imagined the dialogue of this shell with the forest and the animals, with the cosmos and with the earth. As in the Alice stories, either you have become tiny or the object has become oversized, you can squeeze through it. Until then, you thought you were in front of a sculpture, certainly a little strange in this place. The walk, following the white shards of the shell in the trees, could have alerted you that you were leaving a usual walking path, to enter a bushy fantasy. Now you are in the belly of the fissure, bathed in a light which draws flocks of birds there on the walls. From its split base, you have a view of the barrels of a colossal forest as it could have existed on our planet.
If by chance you come at night, from its summit, you will be able to see the stars of the constellation of Cazalis far from our solar system. The sounds are also of a completely different nature. The fissurelle vessel uses your imagination for destinations that are as familiar as they are confusing. »

Jean-François Dumont