Works in the public space
Émilie Perotto

Cœur chaud Bois d'Aquitaine

Perennial work in the woods

Private commissions, 2011
Forêt d'art contemporain, Arue

« The Cœur Chaud Bois d'Aquitaine project took as its starting point an old piece, made for my diploma in 2004.
This sculpture, in the shape of a teepee, was the result of experiments in erecting a form with a minimum of matter. To bring luck to this work, I had started with a refined sketch of a horseshoe which was to crown this construction, then, by testing in the workshop, it was finally this horseshoe which assembled the cleats, and therefore this "twisted" shape, in motion, at the teepee.
In the context of the Forest of Contemporary Art, I imagine this updated sculpture as a kind of fetish, a lucky charm to the devastated forest, as a symbol of the fragility of the verticality of the forest, both in the face of clear cuts , than to the storm.
Starting from a sculpture of a student on a human scale who plays on balance, and transforming it after a few years into a monumental and resistant sculpture - made in outdoor materials taking into consideration the context of this forest and the position first away from the viewer - is an important step in my practice.
I want to keep a bit of mystery around this project and will therefore not reveal a certain number of essential elements, so that the viewers are the first to experience the sculpture.»

Emilie Perotto, February 2011