Valérie du Chéné

Born in 1974

Lives and works in Coustouge (French department Aude, South West)

Valérie du Chéné develops her practice of painting, installation, volume and drawing around three major topics: colour, our relationship to others, and the way in which we experience space.
Her work, which she presents both on a large scale (in exhibition spaces and in the public space in the form of wall paintings or installations) and in more intimate expressions, such as drawings, gouaches or objects, embraces a variety of configurations in which language happens to be a constant yet discreet presence.
The gestures of uncovering and covering are present throughout her practice, whether from a physical point of view (covering surfaces in paint to make them visible) or a symbolic one (uncovering the truths and mechanisms of life).
She has collaborated with the historian Arlette Farge for many years, building a conversation around text and image, and for some years now with the artist Régis Pinault on several projects involving cinema, volume work and painting.