Sylvie Pic

Born in 1957

Lives and works in Marseilles

Since 1989, I have been working on « space models ». Before then, I used to work on architectural representations and views, all of which were interiors of architectural spaces. The being, or the spectator, who could project his imagination into them, was IN these spaces. Pre-existing space was given to him as empty, vacant places (euclidian, infinite, homogeneous, isotropic).
In the series of works that followed (“Tori”, “Diallèles”, “Summations”, “Lightening Act”, “The Anatomy of Melancholy”, “To bindivide”...), the being makes the space, creates it, departing from an initial “gesture”, a tension, an effort that comes from him (vertical thrust, lateral spreading, circular movement...). No space, no expanse was pre-existing to this “gesture”. Space and expanse come into existence only through this gesture, develop and expand by its repetition and amplification. The birth of a morphology is the result.
Or, being and space are in an existential, carnal relationship of mutual definition and,
in a way, the being IS this particular topology.
Sylvie Pic

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.