Sophie Blet

Born in 1985

Lives and works in Marseilles

Digging into impossibilities and paradoxes, my work attempts to reveal thresholds of perception and intelligibility, and to draw a zone of blurry where reality is perhaps no longer palpable but potential. Things are misajusted, reconfigured. Perhaps impossible or infinite.

In my most recent projects, I explore "inbetween" spaces that I could describe as degrees of existence:
From the minimum to nothing, or from nothing to the tenuous, a hollow existence of things, the negative of things, or their absence.
Remains a gap, a displacement, a cut between the objects, between the object and its double, between the potential energies or electric currents that flow through them, suggesting other orders of reality where the possible, the possible, what could become - cohabits with the vanishing and the entropic.
Shifting the idea of perspective (both from a theoretical point of view - as artists from the Renaissance might have thought it - as in terms of "a way of seeing" and diffracting the vision), trough the objects and spaces I imagine, I try to propose a certain otherness, a divisive being and a meditation on our relationship with time.