Saverio Lucariello

Born in 1958, died in 2023

Lives and works in Piffonds, Marseille and Paris

Saverio Lucariello is this kind of hermetic artist. He masters the esoteric virtues of idiocy. He thus multiplies his self-portraits as a kitsch wizard or phantom riding a wheel barrow (Nomadisme glouton et bulimique), attempting object manipulations or speeches of a Cabalistic air, in folkloric costumes with a disco tinge. We1re at the stage of comprehending forms and symbols where the operative temptation first appears. Getting by without a theory or an initiation, Lucariello the wizard wildly undertakes an alchemy of the everyday. Bits of cloth, garden tools, kitchen utensils, or various cold-cuts elsewhere, are arbitrarily considered as so many magic pentacles (Romantique nocturne et mélodique). And it1s through a mocking eye ? which recalls that of Peter Seller's in The Party by Blake Edwards? that the Neapolitan-born shaman, decked out in his acrylic dresses cum togas, observes the events that his powers produce over a more or less long term. But not much happens. All that remains is unmotivated gestures, incoherent declarations, baroque liturgies (Affrontement topographique) choreographically suspended. Lucariello1s terrorist alchemy is a science worthy of the Musée Grévin, a gallery of stylized figures, frozen in their poses like so many formulas deprived of their conclusion, an absolute alchemy which reverts to burlesque rigour and opens up to idiocy as a superior poetic intelligence.

Jean-Yves Jouannais, excerpt from the text Les deux Hermès (the two Hermes), in cat. Saverio Lucariello, Images En Manoeuvres Éditions, Marseilles, 2000

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.