Sabine Delcour

Born in 1968

Lives and works in Bordeaux

Sabine Delcour is a photographer. Her work is organized around the landscape and questions our ways of living in the world. She criss-crosses places, questioning their inhabitants, in a survey which sometimes turns into a quest, a game where the visible and the invisible intermingle, where image and sound exist together, and where tales are told to us. Her images invite us to an intimate journey in a perceptible world. She carries on her research in creative residencies, with grants and commissions, and regularly exhibits in France and abroad. She takes part in seminars and lectures and also runs workshops and studios teaching art praxis.

“Sabine Delcour raises the issue of the place, and, in all her oeuvre, this issue leads back to the infinite resource of an inexhaustible well which prevents it from being reduced to a circumscribed obviousness. The actual idea of representation is put forward in a kind of distant proximity with reality, as if access to this quality of presence could only be fully delivered by withdrawing into a depth to be conquered. The image is not exhausted in the immediacy of its surface. On the contrary, it develops beyond what it immediately designates: architectures, roads and geological sites. It is hewn from an availability with regard to other demands, which opens it up to this fertile mixture of determination and indetermination, recognition and expectation. This openness is not that of an enigma which one might gradually be able to shed light on and resolve, but that of a question which awakens the visible to new possibilities of meaning. Thus is organized the identifiable materiality of a space marked by many different sensory suggestions and imaginary echoes. […]”

Excerpt from an essay by Didier Arnaudet, Documents d’artistes Aquitaine, 2015

Translated by Simon Pleasance, 2015

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.