La Réunion

Migline Paroumanou

Born in 1974

Lives and works in

Migline Paroumanou is one of those artists who stand against the disenchantment of the materialistic, consumerist, secularised and globalised world by cultivating a particular relationship with otherworldliness, perception and sacredness. Her art takes shape amid a landscape of disrupted beliefs, which continue to play a part in the invention of new forms.
There is something almost ritualistic in her gestures, which materialise into forms both symbolic and intuitive. Sculpted in ceramic and porcelain, they brim with spirituality, as if they were trying to survive our limited and perishable existence. Her work is both phenomenological – that is, imbued with lived experience while also attempting to give form to phenomena that manifest the invisible – and steeped in Eastern and Hindu philosophies, whose various figures and worships embody a similar expression of a divine and ultimate beyond. (…)
Therefore, Migline Paroumanou’s practice seeks to examine the way in which art continues to attest to something that lies beyond ordinary matters, to an irrepressible need for detachment, abstraction and elevation.

By Leïla Quillacq
Extract from a text soon to be published.
Translated by Lucy Pons + Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.

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