Marion Mounic

Born in 1992

Lives and works in Sète

Marion Mounic works according to a metonymic process, which involves taking everyday experiences and spaces and drawing our attention to the perception we may have of them as spectators through the use of installation and performance. Ordinary objects (pressure cookers, parasols, breeze blocks, shop signs…), reproduced with various materials and techniques (from porcelain to digital photography and from neon tubes to cyanotypes) or presented in their original state, are featured throughout her work. Like modified and short-lived found objects, the artist extracts these from their mundane setting and invests them with a subtle and melancholy sense of everyday poetry.
Appearing between the lines is the history of women, of the spaces they inhabit and the resistances they oppose, which Mounic shapes according to her own personal experiences, particularly her family memories and time spent in Morocco on the occasion of art residencies.
Like an ethnologist, she carries out an observational – almost investigative – process, allowing herself to see through the eyes of others. In doing so, she pulls us into an immediate experience of otherness, at the intersection of revelation and disappearance, like a perpetual remembrance process.

Translated by Lucy Pons
Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques