Marine Lanier

Born in 1981

Lives and works in Crest (Drôme)

Represented by Espace Jörg Brockmann, Genève

“My work lies at the threshold of the familiar and the exotic, of the prosaic and the strange, of the clan and of adventure. Intimate locations serve as mediums for fictional fantasies, in which imaginary countries, maps of unknown regions, bygone climates and lost civilisations intersect. Like two threads intertwining, I revive family memories in a sensory way through visuals and writing. My research is contained within this interstice, this fold on the border between the past, the present and anticipation – the residual apparitions of past times resurface in my inner continent. Nature is shown both in its lyrical and primitive form in order to question the power of the wilderness that surrounds us. It manifests through its irreducible elements, such as water, fire, earth, ice, vegetation, wind, skin, blood and dust. All of this collides with autobiography and, in doing so, reverberates something broader, something larger, which goes beyond the personal to move into the realm of collective, intergenerational memory; into the world of mythology, primal fears and invisible cosmoses. In this sense, my understanding of time questions the notions of limitation, transgression and metamorphosis.”

Translated by Lucy Pons, 2020

Biographical notes translated with the support of Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.