La Réunion


Born in 1984

Lives and works in Mauritius

KMVH is a young multi-faceted artist whose work explores the way in which aspects of relationships – to oneself, to others, to space and to the world – can sometimes become stuck, stutter or hinder, become muddled, be avoided or confronted, fall apart or be rectified, work their way through us and affect us. The artist has developed a photographic and video-performative body of work in which she stages herself, as if to foil the plots of a personal mythology of exile. The implicit notion here is the question of the frames of reference that we hand down, erect or demolish, and build ourselves upon. The question is that of identity: what causes us to act a certain way, and how do we fit in elsewhere? KMVH’s work aims to highlight various life stories. Whether intimate or collective, they are at times dented but always resistant; in search of lost spaces, beings or words; hidden under suitcases; forbidden or obvious; sweated out through the hands or shouted out through the eyes, and finding an incarnation here, in a work in action and in search of sharing.

Leïla Quillacq, 2020.