Jean-Louis Delbès

Born in 1954, died in 2004

My ideas work in networks, in flows, like vision machines,presenting a vision of indeterminate and contradictory space.
The question is not what to paint, but how.
It's a matter of experimenting a conflictual and eloquent relation with the surface, demanding that time be thrown out of join, evacuating the usual dimensions, dilating perceptions.
In this space "outside us" I assume the risk of obscurity. The cause or genesis lies outside the painting, outside the frame.
Here, light has no source, thus allowing us to accept dissolving solids. Light illuminates without explaining. This originary alteration accelerates the friction of antagonisms.
There is always a distance separating the initial idea and its result. This interpretation grants one the possibility to speak about the awareness of a particular reality or of its very failure...
My intentions are only intermediaries, as if to give something else a chance to to appear.
Provoke decentering, proliferation, and spillover.

Jean-Louis Delbès, June 2000

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.