Guillaume Chamahian

Born in 1975

Lives and works in Marseilles

Guillaume Chamahian lives and works in Marseille. He is the founder and the artistic director of Les Nuits Photographiques Festival in Paris. His work is represented by Galerie Lhoste Art Contemporain in Arles and he collaborates with Galerie Analix Forever in Geneva. He is part of the Artists’ Documents network.

Unlimited urbanism in China, disruptions, Khmer genocide, the disappearance of man and god… In fifteen years of stateless photographic writing, Guillaume Chamahian has explored the development of humanity, in its darkest folds. A self-taught photographer, he has scaled back his production in recent years. Instead his focus has shifted towards collecting and arranging already existing images: those carried by the flux of the web: terrorists, resisters, victims, executioners, the heroes and criminals of war. In the continuity of his current work on violence and conflict, and how the press treats them, the artist scrutinizes the mass media, questions the information frameworks, captures unexpected historical echoes and hijacks their contents.

Paul Ardenne, French critic and art historian, writes about his work: "Guillaume Chamahian developed a singular work, particularly original, at the crossroads of documentary photography, conceptual art and the art of political denunciation and investigation. His field of predilection is the collective relationship with images from the political world, whose photography, frequently accompanied by comments targeting precisely their object, is captured to allow a distant reading. An artist of the real, of his representations and his treatments and reprocessing."