Gerlinde Frommherz

Born in 1965

Lives and works in Marseilles

Drawings and Spaces
In 1993, a the Budapest Galleria, I traced seven drawings onto the walls of a stairwell. these seven imaginary architectural figures resembled open boxes, the memory of my time spent in the Turkish baths of Buda.
In 1993 / 1994, With the help of a topographer, I executed a large geometric drawing on the floor, a tracing which inscribed itself upon the expanse of a football field. Drawn with chalk, this drawing described the translatory movements of an enormous triangle.
Another drawing executed in the studio with adhesive tape described the successive displacements of a long, very low pedestal covered with tools and mounted on rollers.
In different ways, these three examples show a continued interest in my work for the relation between physical and mental space. By way of their dimensions and their distribution on the vertical and horizontal planes of an architectural structure, the drawings regulate the perception of the space through which one moves. The drawings themselves are composed of elements awakening transformations in the imagination.
Raw material.
My work is composed of several parts. First, there is a rather long work process in the studio, a search for forms and the invention of drawn elements capable of reacting on different surfaces. This stock of elements is the raw material for the works.
The second part of the work consists in finding a place and executing a drawing on location. Taking into account the specificities and the dimensions of a space, I conceive a composition for a concrete context and architecture. It's through the articulation of these different components that the work takes shape, is enriched, and increases in complexity.
Public spaces.
At the moment, I work primarily in public spaces.
Gerlinde Frommherz, 1999

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.