Geneviève Martin

Born in 1939

Lives and works in Marseilles

  • Touch the limits of painting by granting it thickness, weight, relief, and touch the limits of sculpture by granting it a materiality (color / covering over) whose foundations lie in painting.

  • Touching the limits of representation (towards abstraction) producesafeeling of loss, helplessness : the search for elementary forms is perhaps forme a way of "representing". Keep interpretation open : everything is possible. But for that to be form must be constraining.

  • Elaborate a kind of writing combining elementary forms and letters, akin to an enigmatic rebus.

  • Complexify the writing by assigning it, by way of its representational function, a role of a conceptual order (isn't naming someone already a way of executing their portrait?). Cf the large panels using the name of Taslima Nasreen or those of Alexandrian women.

  • Difficulty : starting with a strong emotion, elaborate a heavily constructed and synthesized formal syntax. To do so, create a lexicon of materials, colors, elementary forms and letters, which maybe has something to do with musical composition.

  • Dans cette combinatoire, Introduce the photographic image into this lexicon and, if need be, into certain installations, in a homeopathic manner to restore some of its majesty (in reaction to the current inflation of the photographic image which renders it ever more trivial).

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.