Gabrielle Manglou

Born in 1971

Lives and works in

Gabrielle Manglou’s work is poetic and takes on many forms. Drawings, photographs, volumes and archival images all combine and play off of one another to shift boundaries in both discordant and harmonious ways. Her work questions the sphere of human relationships, in which forms of power, nature, culture and otherness come face to face with each other. Her practiced spontaneity, which seems orchestrated by a sort of epidemic pleasure, sets the pacing of a body of work poised between what is seen and felt. The subconscious sizzles through in small bursts and tunes into its incisive glee. The stages that punctuate this dialogue remain open, leaving the audience in charge of their own narration, thus underscoring the unique bond that each of us creates with the work that lives through us.

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