La Réunion

Esther Hoareau

Born in 1976

Lives and works in Saint-Pierre, Reunion Island

Esther Hoareau’s works prompt a reflection on the relationships between Nature and Humankind. Her videos, drawings, photographs, texts and performance pieces highlight the different ways in which the body exists within scenery (terrestrial, celestial, marine, cosmic). From a perspective that is at once poetic, playful, spiritual, philosophical and sensitive, the artist addresses the notion of the sublime – of what we are unable to physically or conceptually comprehend. To the finiteness of the island, she opposes the idea of escape and diversion. […] Esther Hoareau draws from an imaginary world that is partly derived from her experience of the island, of her journeys (physical or mental) and of the observation of her surroundings (both its details and its immensity). […] This ambivalent combination of fascination and concern is present in most of Esther Hoareau’s output, in which she meshes together wonderment, rekindled delight and powerfulness with a sense of the uncanny and the unknown.

Julie Crenn, excerpt from TEXTES CRITIQUES SCÈNE RÉUNIONNAISE, 2019.