Driss Aroussi

Born in 1979

Lives and works in Toulon

Driss Aroussi's works focus to a considerable degree on the world of the working man. So we have building site shacks, monolithic constructions which, alongside work zones, accommodate moments of relaxation, and are at times the artist's subject. As minimal and fleeting forms of architecture, they are like so many pre-fabricated lodgings in the middle of the city. Driss Aroussi's eye likes to dwell on building sites, lingering on what brings life to environments of materials, on arrangements of objects, on tools abandoned for the duration of a work break, on clothing hung on scaffolding, like so many clues to a construction activity which is never directly shown. Alongside these series, Driss Aroussi also likes experimenting with the photographic medium by setting up specific systems for taking photos. These two parts of his work (to which we can add drawing and video) organize a sort of political commitment to the desire to be forever inventing the place in which he finds himself.

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.