Céline Marin

Born in 1986

Lives and works in Nice

Céline Marin’s drawings demonstrate her avowed taste for joyful surrealism. By reducing her field of possibilities to a maximum of two or three elements, she composes precise and humorous drawings, which offer a succession of impossible encounters that seem to constitute a family. The artist draws inspiration from the everyday life of her subjects, from processions, hiking, swimming, or hunting… She collects pictures from magazines, postcards, or scientific articles, and tries to conjoin them in unnatural combinations. This results in small figures pinned onto sheets of white paper with plain backgrounds, wearing outfits that bespeak somewhat strange activities. Worlds collide, tracing formidable oddities in which the codes of belonging to a group are completely overturned. Céline Marin plays with the unusual to show us an infinite set of bizarre tribes.

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.