Camille Llobet

Born in 1982

Lives and works in Sallanches (Haute-Savoie)

“Each work originates in an encounter and a question to be experimented with cooperatively. I start by inventing precise filming processes that choose to focus on the filmed experience itself and I subsequently create video and sound montages that are both intuitive and in search of formal radicality. Drawings, scores and performances often come as follow-ups to the issues addressed in the videos.

After having explored orality, movement and human perception as fields of research while shooting in-studio, I decided to move my work protocol to the high mountains. This complex environment made of rocks, snow and ice is currently in the process of mutating. Its brutal transformation is due to the increasingly rapid melting of the ice caps and rockslides, placing geological time on the same level as human life. This project, Pacheû (2020-2023), took the form of acoustic pieces and a first long-form film essay in which the narration was achieved through sound and gesture as much as through voice and image. It opens up a new field of experiments and formats by placing the human in a specific environment.

In 2020, I initiated a new long-term project dedicated to the high mountain environment. I felt the need to shift my working protocols – until now focused on orality, movement and human perception – to this complex environment made of rock, ice and snow that is now disappearing. A brutal transformation due to the acceleration of the melting ice and the rocky collapses which brings the geological time down to the level of a human life scale. This research, carried out with high mountain guides and geomorphologists, will give rise to a feature film: a documentary essay in which the narration is created as much through noise and gesture as through voice and image (“Pacheû”, 2023, in production).”
Camille Llobet, 2022
Translated by Lucy Pons, 2023

© Adagp, Paris