Bettina Hutschek

Born in 1977

Lives and works in Berlin and Malta

I write stories: through the narration, I analyze contemporary phenomena and trans- late them into poetical “mythologies”. My work takes on the form of essay-films, fictive documentaries, narrated performances and works with text.

Starting from observations and documentary material (often archives, found footage, old photographs etc.), I develop stories which are situated between facts and fiction. The different layers of “reality” are interwoven through the thread of narration. Like this, “transitory spaces” come up, where the imaginary, the mythical and a phantasmagoric reinterpretation of history becomes possible.

In all my works I try to meld layers of “truth” and fiction, in order to question “reality” and History in an absurd and ironic, however mostly poetic way.

Bettina Hutschek lives and work between Berlin and Malta.
Follow her work on her website : Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.