Aurélien Mauplot

Born in 1983

Lives and works in Saint-Frion

Aurélien Mauplot has built a body of work that revolves around a Cycle of explorations of the World from afar. It comprises four chapters, which function as pretexts and mediums for his plastic and philosophical research.

In the form of an imaginary quest, he becomes the perpetual orator/storyteller of a travel tale that is central to his performance pieces and installations. He relies on various mediums to bring the tale to life and confuse an audience caught between an extraordinary, if not magical, reality and a story based on propositions both geological and anthropological. The history of our world merges with fiction, opening up onto a wealth of possibilities.

Aurélien Mauplot reappropriates images that he combines with objects that he creates during the installation/rendering of his exploration. The story is not written, and only a few fragments enable us to access and delve into it. The artist circumnavigates his objects, and in doing so retraces an environment, past and present. Led by this strange imagination, his fresh and positive will to create sidelines has a powerful way of encouraging us to look at things differently. It is a beautiful idea, reminiscent of our childhood exploration adventures and interwoven with a sense of powerful presence within the world, which Aurélien Mauplot likes to share through the idea of a Jungian collective conscience.

Anaïs Garcia, décembre 2017

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.