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Garden Nights 2022

Live show
Camden Art Centre, Londres
24 Juin 2022, 18:00-21:00
Félicia Atkinson

Opening the window, I look at the light, it connects me to something more vast.

Atkinson’s music seeks to locate the listener in a particular place. Either in the home or landscape, orientating the body towards the world. For Image Language, she stimulates a dialogue between the places where the record was made — Leman Lake, during a residency at La Becque in Switzerland, and her home on the wild coast of Normandy.

Recognising the normalisation of home studios, Atkinson revisited the practices of twentieth-century women artists such as Agnes Martin and Georgia O’Keefe. They were variously chosen, or were chosen by, their homes as a place to work. In doing so, Atkinson likens this record’s making as akin to building a house: ‘a structure in which one can encounter oneself, each room a song with its own function in the project of everyday life.’.

Supporting her will be Cucina Povera the solo project of Luxembourgish-Finnish musician Maria Rossi. Her music has been described as one of the most striking new voices from the European underground music scene.

Organised in collaboration with 33-33 with special thanks to Shelter Records and Matthew Duane.