Sylvie Ungauer

Sylvie Ungauer
directed by Margaux Germain
April 2023

The interest she has in issues concerning identity and feminism are more systematically supported by thought around the relationship to the « Other ». Sylvie Ungauer then developed artwork centred on the observation and study of the networks that structure our society, the relationships between individuals, the places where we live as well as the outside world. Collaborations become more frequent. The creation of networks between various protagonists – professionals, artists or art lovers – is a recurring element in the conception and production of her work. Similarly her work is marked by a certain heterogeneity in the choice of techniques and materials used. The use of video or computing tools do not exclude weaving or sewing, as synthetic materials (resin, optical fibres, latex, silicon) can sometimes give way to the use of second-hand materials (used video tapes, plastic bags, clothes...).

Director: Margaux Germain
Production: Documents d’artistes Bretagne with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the participation of the Réseau documents d'artistes.