Hélène Bertin

directed by Vincent Pajot
Festin des bâtardes
October 2023

Hélène Bertin sees art as a means of bringing people together, and her work is as much about social value as it is about use. Straddling customs and techniques, she seizes the opportunity of artistic projects to implement human relationships. Each of her exhibitions and books is a team effort in which know-how and stories are woven together. Here, she has invited Yusuf Henni to a feast of bastards, in reference to the wild hybridization of different varieties of gourd (in Provence: the cougourdon) and the instrument created for the occasion, both percussion and cordophone, a blend of two materials: ceramics and cougourdon.


Directed by Vincent Pajot - Produced by Documents d'artistes Paca, with the support of the French Ministry of Culture's "Aide à la Captation et aux Diffusions Alternatives" program. In partnership with Réseau documents d'artistes. The film was shot in 2023, as part of the Détours video series initiated by Documents d'artistes Paca.