Eva Taulois

Eva Taulois
directed by Margaux Germain
January 2023

While drawing from a minimal, serial formal vocabulary, hailing from geometric abstraction, Eva Taulois’s work is part of a wider network of references which mixes architecture, traditional clothing, the art of patchwork, and industrial design…
She analyzes varied sociological, geographical and historical contexts which are the springboard of her research. The result of this is a repertory of forms (sculptures, paintings, installations) which reconcile art, craftsmanship and industry. Latterly, she has embarked on a project involving a comparison between stakes used for young trees and things used in the field of sculpture. She tries to find the right balance between verticality and horizontality. In the end, all this is very fragile and she wonders what keeps things together, upright.
In Eva Taulois’s work we find that tension between, on the one hand, the established rule, the norm applied to objects, gestures and bodies, and, on the other, the possibility of freeing oneself from that.

Director : Margaux Germain
Musical composition : Pierre Lucas
Production: Documents d'artistes Bretagne with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the participation of the Réseau documents d'artistes.