Christophe Clottes

directed by Denis Cointe
Christophe Clottes
January 2023

Denis Cointe films the artist Christophe Clottes in the presence of the beings and environments that permeate his work: the pebbles of the Gave de Pau and the erratic rocks of the surrounding Pyrenees. The objects, instruments, sounds or drawings he draws from them are like evocations of the relationships he has with them and testify to an ecosophical approach to art. Listening to him talk about it, following the rhythm of his walks and his research, contemplating what animates him, is an experience and an invitation to take part in the world in a different way.

Directed by Denis Cointe
Sound by Laure Carrier
December 2022
Production: Documents d'artistes Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Coproduction: Les Films de l'Écharpe
With the support of the Ministry of Culture
And the participation of the Réseau documents d'artistes
Acknowledgements: Hervé Bréhier