Network events

Rencontre avec Documents d'artistes en Hauts-de-France

Frac Grand Large / Frac Picardie / La malterie, Dunkerque / Lille / Amiens
du 26/11/2022 au 02/12/2022

How can we support the region's artists and give them greater visibility?
The two regional funds of contemporary art of Hauts-de-France - the Frac Grand Large (Dunkerque) and the Frac Picardie (Amiens) - invite you to discover the network of Documents d'artistes already present in six French regions and in the process of development in the canton of Geneva in Switzerland.

See you in Dunkerque on Saturday, November 26 at the Frac Grand Large (presentation on Tour) and in Amiens on Friday, December 2 at the Frac Picardie.
These two meetings are organized as close as possible to the actors and are open to artists, professionals
and open to artists, professionals, public partners and anyone else who is interested.