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On July 5, 2022, the association Documents d'artistes Genève, created in April 2021, joined the Réseau dda and became a member of its board of directors. This is the first time that Documents d'artistes has established itself in a territory bordering France, thus marking the international opening of the Réseau dda.
The very active association is already participating in the development of projects for the Réseau dda. Its website will be online in January 2023 with 21 monographic files following their first selection of artists.


Located at the southwestern tip of Lake Geneva and sharing its border with France, Geneva is one of the 26 Swiss cantons. Its plural and multicultural art scene is not only marked by the presence and the attraction of an internationally important art school (HEAD - Geneva), several museums and art centers, but also by alternative and associative milieus, very active and self-managed by artists and cultural actors.

Conceived as a collective and experimental project, the DDA-Geneva platform constitutes a reference and reflection resource for the documentation of this effervescence. It aims at valorizing and diffusing the work of active artists on the Geneva territory through a long term collaboration. Mainly dedicated to the online edition of monographic files, it wishes to contribute to the synergy between different regional, national and international networks. The platform will be regularly updated and enriched by commissioning texts from authors and curators from the worlds of institutions, art criticism and academia, as well as by other types of content such as podcasts. Satellite projects such as studio visits, exhibitions, encounters and publishing productions will continue to feed these spaces of dialogue, also with the general public.

The artists of the first selection committee 2021 are : Giulia Essyad (1992), Anaïs Wenger (1991), Yoan Mudry (1990), Chloé Delarue (1986), Raphaëlle Mueller (1984), Jérémy Chevalier (1983), Pauline Julier (1981), Luc Mattenberger (1980), Collectif-fact (1979 and 1977), Alan Bogana (1979), Omar Ba (1977), Josse Bailly (1977), Alexandre Joly (1977), Gabriela Löffel (1972), Andreas Kressig (1971), Laurent Faulon (1969), Tito Honegger (1963), Josée Pitteloud (1952), Véronique Goël (1951) and Anne Blanchet (1947). To this group is added the special selection of Pierre Vadi (1966) by the DDA-Geneva team.

These 21 first artists will integrate the platform in the first quarter of 2023. Approximately 10 new files will enrich the documentary collection from year to year from 2023.