Works in the public space
Le Gentil Garçon


1%, 2010
École maternelle du groupe scolaire Mélizan-Fiolle-Puget, Marseille

Seven members of the large family of Toto heads, divided into three generations of three different sizes. The shape of each head corresponds to the hollow volume of the eyes of the parent heads according to the irrefutable theorem which states that a Toto head is always equal to a new Toto head. The work, which declines the colors of the rainbow, is the volume adaptation of the homonymous wallpaper made in 2006.

Order made for a nursery school as part of the 1% artistic for the restructuring of the school group Mélizan-Fiolle-Puget, in Marseille. It forms a diptych with Prisma, the work produced for the elementary school of the same school group.