Works in the public space
Le Gentil Garçon

Totologie #2

The work was carried out as part of the restructuring of the Melizan-Fiolle-Puget school group in Marseille, as an artistic 1%.

1%, 2010
École maternelle du groupe scolaire Mélizan-Fiolle-Puget, Marseille

• Manufacturing: Art Project with the complicity of the project office.

The work is the adaptation in volume of Totology #1. The nice boy resumed the principle of abyss. The work consists of a family of seven heads in Toto distributed according to three generations of three different sizes. The shape of each head corresponds to the hollowed -out volume of the eyes of the parent heads according to the irrefutable theorem which wants a head to Toto plus a head in Toto is always equal to a new head in Toto. Thus the largest of the heads gave birth to two new heads which themselves gave birth to two others. This leads to a line of 1 + 2 + 4 = 7 heads in Toto. She forms a diptych with Prisma , the work carried out for the elementary school of the same school group.