Works in the public space
Paysage et loup, 2006
Cedar, pine, oak, bronze, metal and paint
© Roland Cognet
Roland Cognet

Paysage et loup

1%, 2012
Parc Jean Rameau, Mont-de-Marsan

As part of the La Forêt d'Art Contemporain programme, Paysage et Loup seeks to create a dialogue between the different shapes, colors and materials present in the park. Elements built with simple and architectural geometry with elements from living things, plants and animals, at different scales in the same space. There is the idea of a fragment of a reinvented, fictional landscape.

For the Mont-de-Marsan park, this sculpture is made up of a set comprising a horizontal cedar beam on painted metal elements, a six-meter-high Landes pine trunk and turned over, in a round shape cut in oak tree and a bronze animal; the wood comes from the region close to Mont-de-Marsan and the animal is a wolf: emphasizing the presence of untamed nature (in contradiction with the controlled nature of the park) and enters into dialogue with the statuary located on the another part of the park. The Wolf, a reference echoing the last Landes wolf - around 1870 - stuffed in the natural museum of Bordeaux. This set offers different walkers a a kind of parenthesis, an interrelation on the question of the tree, the wood, the balance with nature, like a landscape reconstructed like a haiku.