Works in the public space
Le Gentil Garçon

Flight Board

The work was produced as part of the artistic 1% of the technical high school "Les Catalins" in Montelimar.

1%, 2007
Lycée technique Les Catalins, Montélimar

Steel, aluminum, altuglas, baked epoxy paint, resin, LEDs, transformer 650 x 400 x 220 cm
• Production: Art Project

In the middle of a high school playground, an oversized skateboard loops through the air. Seen from the ground, it seems to fly over the classrooms. In the evening, the wheels of the skateboard light up. The fixed trajectory of the machine, a curvilinear tube, serves as a mast for this improbable lamppost. The sculpture is a variation of the Gentil Garçon's work Light Board.