Works in the public space
Le Gentil Garçon

Bubble Clock

1%, 2006
Le Temps Machine, Joué-lès-Tours

Clock whose display is based on that of liquid crystal or diode watches. Each of the dots of the matrix that makes up the giant screen of the Bubble Clock is made up of filmed sequences of Le Gentil Garçon mouth chewing gum and inflating a bubble. It is the appearance or not of these bubbles and the pattern they form that allows the time to be displayed. The clock is also remarkably sound. It has no mechanical ticking, but produces organic chewing and breathing sounds. Every minute, the digits that must be replaced to update the time, explode together. Smack! Pow! Blop! Wizz! (Serge Gainsbourg, Comic Strip, 1968).

Le Gentil Garçon has installed a permanent version of the work for Le Temps Machine, a concert hall in Joué-lès-Tours, as part of the artistic 1%. The Bubble Clock is projected onto the exterior wall above the entrance. The sound of the clock is broadcast in the parking lot.