Works in the public space
Le Gentil Garçon

Balançoire Waka-Taua

The work was produced as part of the rehabilitation of the Cosson intermunicipal aquatic complex in La Ferté Saint-Aubin, under the 1% artistic grant.

1%, 2014
Complexe aquatique intercommunal du Cosson, La Ferté-Saint-Aubin

• Manufacturing: Art Project with the complicity of the Bureau des projets.

The boat seems to be moved by two oars which act as swings. His cabin has the schematic shape of a house with a pointed roof. Its outer walls are decorated with remarkable geometric shapes grouped in a square: the pieces of the tangram. Inside, engraved under the slopes of the roof, we discover how, through a few ingenious combinations, the tangram can be used to draw silhouettes of boats or fish. At the bow, a face is sculpted; mother-of-pearl gaze fixed on the horizon, a whale tail traces the bridge of the nose and the curve of the eyebrows. The stern of the boat rises to the sky, she light.