Yves Schemoul

Born in 1959

Lives and works in Carry le Rouet

Yves Schemoul's art works more in the direction of the appearance of the work, than on the image itself. How does the eye perceive the image? At what moment does the trace beckon? What relation does colour have with the medium on which it is applied? How does the type of paper, its grain and its fibre, determine the nature of a representation? It is on the sidelines of the image but at the heart of what makes up our way of looking at things that Yves Schemoul's work acts. By manipulating his media, and in particular using silkscreening, photography and painting as much as accident (trace, streak), the artist sets up an extremely precise oeuvre which, when all is said and done, focuses on what makes the origin of art, to wit, the issue of how it is received, and perceived. Translated by Simon Pleasance

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.