Stéphanie Majoral

Born in 1966

Lives and works in Marseilles

«To who belong the watching eyes ? Normally, one thinks that the me, is someone who looks out onto the balcony with his own eyes, the way one looks out a window and sees the world sprawled out in all its magnitude.
Thus, there is a window open on the world. beyond that, there is the world. And before that ? Always the world : what else could there possibly be ? (...) Still the world, which on this occasion has doubled itself into a world which watches and a world which is watched..»
Italo Calvino, excerpt from Palomar, Éditions du Seuil
Coming out of a method confronting photography, my work has developed through installations, and the creation of situations around the image -drawn or photographed- at the scale of the wall. Retaining the idea that it is also “the spectator who makes the work”, these installations implicitly take into account their physical and visual relation to the spectator and the wall space they inscribe themselves into “intimately” or “architecturally”.
It is in this way that the poetic aspects suggested by the different levels of interpretation, proposed by most of the works in a non-Euclidean perspective, can rise to the surface, .
So many ways of looking at landscape, a “camera lucida ”, a “traveler in the map”, a portrait, the reconstitution of a constellation, a window in an oversized eye...A latent image will become tangible to the liking of the spectator's gaze by the intimate relation that the latter will be able to establish with the work.

Stéphanie Majoral, in the Fictionary catalog, Triangle - France, 2000

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.