Stéphane Steiner

Born in 1963

Lives and works in Nice

Represented by Galerie Espace à vendre, Nice - Galleria Neon, Bologne, Italie

"My work involves bringing something to works of art which have moved me, as well as reporting the reality (experienced or otherwise) of views and elements. I am not interested in media for what they are or in works as results of autonomous activities in the rest of the world; but as tools of communication, from drawing to the audiovisual by way of sculpture, designing belts and underwear, invasions of insects, traces of gastropods, funerary articles, furniture, wigs, culinary art, water-pipes and dildos included.
My work is a patchwork with drawers where the old rubs shoulders with the new and the future in a cocktail where those taking part, brought together by chance, such as a disguised military recruit, with an invisible head, anticipate the future with ghosts, their discussions interrupted by extraterrestrials trying to be involved in debates about architecture, sex, Descartes, the conquest of space, personal memories, Nietzsche, love, about what history has remembered of art, about what it has remembered of its own history, death, mutation, the immediacy of exchanges of emotions in improvised music, about the sadoo masoos, the whirling Dervishes, and other streaked technoid transvestites in trances. All this beautiful world moving forward in a maze of rooms filled with the sound of an endless Frank Zappa concert and made up like Captain Hook, accompanied by a tribe of gypsy musicians waiting for the comeback of Van Gogh and Hendrix, who are still somewhere else with the unidentified flying objects of travellers who have landed.
My work talks about this futile resistance against the invisible and unstoppable force which creates and annihilates everything, its double and the other, which is life."

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.