Sophie T. Lvoff

Born in 1986

Lives and works in Marseilles

Sophie T. Lvoff often bases her works on a research process. Relying on her precise knowledge of recent art history, she delves into it to find grounds for a vibrant reflection (relating to feminism, institutional critique and modernism, among others…) that she reactivates according to her commitments, subjectivity and current issues. While initially a trained photographer, Lvoff has broadened the scope of her production to practices open to writing, publishing, installation, performance, sculpture and even exhibiting… Her work is at times contextual and gives rise to political, poetic and collaborative spaces. When working with images, Sophie T. Lvoff focuses as much on the intimate as she does on the public. She sets in motion both photographs taken from collections or archives and her own pictures taken on her smartphone on a daily basis. Sophie T. Lvoff’s works are arborescent; they create connections (with authors, anonymous people, artists, texts…) to invent a new narrative, a new story.