Sofi Urbani

Born in 1972

Lives and works in Marseilles

Sofi Urbani sees her art praxis as a place where scientific know-how and formal hunches overlap. By emulsifying these two poles, she develops a plastic vocabulary in which the phenomena of sciences (magnetic flows, fossil influences...), and the fascination they can give rise to, are set in motion. The tools enabling the appearance of the image (televisions, cathode tubes, electron guns, as well as reflecting surfaces...) are all dissected and reformulated with a view to producing often poetic forms and experiences. It is the mechanisms of vision that interest the artist just as much as the image itself, so her sculptures and videos often bring into play questions connected with perception. Sofi Urbani's oeuvre, which is inquisitive about the world and the way it works, strives endlessly to experiment and make things perceptible.Translated by Simon Pleasance

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.