Sandra Lorenzi

Born in 1983

Lives and works in Nice and Paris

Sandra Lorenzi's work should be seen as the place of a somewhat strange encounter between areas of knowledge and different cultures. Comic strips, philosophy, anthropology, history, indigenous art and the sciences all converge, confront each other, and form a paradoxically homogeneous art. The sculptures are organized and unmade to create environments which are so many fictional spaces; they are made in bronze, concrete, aluminium and fruit... Her installations introduce architectures and décors, and compose twisted spaces in which the viewer's sensations are often disturbed. Sandra Lorenzi's oeuvre, which is conceptual and attached to form, is interested in thought and in what defines cultures, and as such it keenly experiments with the images, ideas and histories which go to make today's world.

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.