Rémi Groussin

Born in 1987

Lives and works in Toulouse

Through his use of installation and video, Rémi Groussin creates plastic scenarios that draw on artistic, cinematic and televisual references (TV shows, science fiction films, advertisement), and which appeal directly to the viewer’s perception, in a game of illusions and factitious mise en scenes. The notion of decor (and of façade, rigging or illusion) is a recurrent motif in his practice, thanks to his use of scale variations and his interaction with the spaces he occupies.
His forms, video installations, neon signs, pinball machines, and other objects inspired by an aesthetic of vernacular ordinariness and deliberately poor artifice, are the result of collecting, reuse and assemblage. They never fulfil their primary function and highlight a defective but resistant mechanism, which, through its uselessness, questions our relationship to the living world.
Ultimately, it is reality that Rémi Groussin observes and questions through a play on narration, in which fiction inevitably meets reality.

Translated by Lucy Pons
Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques