Raphaëlle Mueller

Born in

Lives and works in Geneva

Raphaëlle Mueller is an artist and researcher trained in photography and critical studies with a multidisciplinary practice. While paying particular attention to the image and its means of production – and to its (post)photographic uses – Mueller performs and produces films, videos and conferences.

The original format of her exhibitions is based on long-term experiments and research. It also often takes an evolving form. Her research is in line with eco-feminist thinking, and draws on forensic analysis (fieldwork, data analysis, statistics, etc.), which she applies to methods and artistic experiments developed in collaboration with researchers, biologists, performers and bio-hackers. Her work focuses on environmental issues (principally the toxification of water and soil by the military-industrial complex), non-human agentivity, and ecosystemic and social resilience processes.

Raphaëlle Mueller also works with unusual materials: living organisms (Exogenesis, 2019-2021), synthetic molecules (Chemical Charm, 2018), and toxic substances (T(t)erraforming, 2018). By questioning production systems, refraining as far as possible from creating new objects and encouraging recycling, she initiates reflections that resonate with an ethic of care (Perspectives on post-capitalist thinking/being, 2021).

Central to her work, we find are artistic approaches that denounce the exploitation of vulnerabilities and commodification, and invite us to rethink the relations of power between living beings.