Pierre Malphettes

Born in 1970

Lives and works in Marseilles

The scripting of reality and the poeticization of material restrictions lie at the heart of Pierre Malphettes's approach. The artist borrows from the industrial world and from the world of construction to produce a sculptural oeuvre seeking materialize natural phenomena and elements (rainbow, cloud, landscape, etc.). To construction materials, such as the tarpaulin and open metal flooring, can be added more unexpected elements such as air, light, glass, and even water. This materialization of the immaterial, based on a constant factor involving the metaphor of displacement, leads to the creation of a perceptive and sensorial reality, a space somewhere between nature and artifice. The potential for daydreaming and poetry which result from this paradoxically go hand in hand with an assumed materiality, a powerfully visual relation to matter in order to create effects of reality.
The artist plays with the usual dualities of inside and outside, solid and evanescent, top and bottom, in order to encourage what he calls "impermanence" (namely discrepancy, the ephemeral, and reversibility) and the experimentation of mental spaces.

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.