Pierre Belouïn

Born in 1973

Lives and works in Ollioules, Paris and Strasbourg

In the age of postmodernity, the art arena is regularly crossed by objects which question its space and the elastic nature of its limits. Pierre Belouin's oeuvre might be one of these objects with blurred outlines, which can only be fleetingly grasped. Claiming art praxis as a means of collaboration, the artist becomes the core of an open network multiplying the ramifications and development of every manner of project (from partnerships to curating by way of the publication of discs and magazines, and the organization of concerts...).
What immediately hallmarks Pierre Belouin's work is the stated desire to increase the number of fields rather than subtract from them, and to thus incorporate his praxis within the Optical Sound label (which he created) in his visual output. Whether it is played or quoted (references come across with a certain erudition), music, its current state and its history, and its codes and its overlaps, thus form the base from which everything is developed. So there is a mixture of acoustic experience and visual sensation, with one and the same vibration. Translated by Simon Pleasance

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.