Patrice Carré

Born in 1957

Lives and works in Marseilles

The artistic sense that drives my work is one of openness and curiosity, often to the point of mischievousness.To dig and explore a unique medium or a single language does not interest me.
For the best part, my work feeds off the domestic realm.
For years, everything stemmed out of the reconstruction of miniature worlds at a scale that could be photographed.
As this process went on, it proceeded to generate its own, ever growing, momentum: from miniatures to models, models to sculptures, sculptures to installations.
Since the 80s, I have been using sound and music as creative entities for which I design bespoke amplification, diffusion and broadcasting devices, sometimes as furniture. For this work, I occasionally compose, sometimes with others, original music from a non-musician.
I watch and observe with amusement, delight, and a certain weariness of the eye for their seriousness, the great figures of art of the twentieth century, and never hesitate to playfully engage their work.
The physical and geographical context within which I exhibit occasionally comes into play and influences or directs my work so as to become its determining factor.
In recent years, I have undertaken several large public commissions, often for inside spaces.
My work is best summarised as a constant back and forth between erudite and popular knowledge on situations, objects, sites, works, images, writings, sometimes anecdotes within which I draw cheerfully to move the signs and functions. All the while trying to be as precise as possible.
In terms of implementation, the best moment is at the onset of the project; be it in the workshop, or in response to external projects or situations.

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.